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There will be no charge or deposit for those at the top of the list. Those purchase by the Division have a deposit requirement. DVDs will be available at regular meetings.

The Division has a library of how to DVD's Members are required to present phone number, membership number, and a $10.00 deposit which is refunded at the next meeting upon return of DVD.

Contact: Company Store Chuck Kline cbklein765@gmail.com


  Clinic and Other Modeling Videos        
Number Title Producer/Presenter Year Length DEPOSIT CHG
VV200 Model Railroading: A Family Hobby Ben Pearlman 1986 28 FREE
VV201 Magic of Model Railroading, The Rick Harper & Bob Rogers 1979 15 FREE
VV202 Model Railroading Unlimited Rick Harper 1981 28 FREE
VV210 All About Trains, Part 13: Visit to NMRA HQ Ben Pearlman 1987 26 FREE
VV258 All Aboard: an introduction to Model Railroading Madeline Trimby 1982 25 FREE
VV500 N-Scale & NTRAK Jim Fitzgerald & Ben Davis   68 FREE
VV502 Rolling Stock from Cardboard W. Meijndert van Alphen   37 FREE
VV503 Weathering & Aging with Pastels Robert Baily Jr   34 FREE
VV504 Memorable Locomotives Charlie McCoy   34 FREE
VV505 Foamcore Buildings Robert hubbard   40 FREE
VV506 Frequently Seen, Seldom Modeled Jim Cope   29 FREE
VV507 Trees from Weeds Louis Godbold   22 FREE
VV509 Signals Made Easy Mark Hanslip   57 FREE
VV510 Computer and Railroad Together Mark Hanslip   68 FREE
VV601 Build Your Own Turnouts Gil Freytag, MMR 1995 43 FREE
VV602 Forgotten Details Terry Bacus 1995 60 FREE
VV603 Modeling an Historic Site Russell Straw 1995 35 FREE
VV604 Modeling Tips & Tricks Pete Moffett, MMR 1995 48 FREE
VV606 Prototype Track Layout Design Russell Crump 1995 49 FREE
VV607 Save A Buck Model Railroading Kenneth Caulking 1995 52 FREE
VV608 Styrofoam Scenery Mike Hurlburt 1995 52 FREE
VV609 Freight Car Loads Robert A Rue   34 FREE
VV702 NMRA Achievement Program Pete Moffett, MMR 1997 49 FREE
VV703 Estate Counseling William Hammer MMR HLM 1997 22 FREE
VV704 Interfacing a Computer to your Model Railraod Bruce Chubb MMR 1997 53 FREE
VV705 Fine Scale Operations Bruce Chubb MMR 1997 53 FREE
VV706 Women in Model Railroading Ava Coleman 1997 60 FREE
VV707 Trees for the Smaller Scales Ingrid Drozdak 1997 39 FREE
VV708 More on Lighweight module Construction Jim Fitzgerald 1997 41 FREE
VV709 Modeling with Common Household Materials Dick Briggs& Howard Smith MMR's 1997 39 FREE
VV710 Painting Backdrops with a Dirty brush Bob Gatland 1997 46 FREE
VV711 Prototype Bridge Building Lloyd Keyser 1997 60 FREE
VV712 Styrene Construction and Casting Roger Chrystler 1997   FREE
VV713 Right-Of-Way Details Tony Steele 1997 85 FREE
VV714 Planning for Realistic Operations Ralph Wehlitz, MMR 1997 50 FREE
VV715 History of the Boxcar, A Bill Welch 1997 87 FREE
VV716 Perfect Deacls the Easy Way   1997 57 FREE
VVSJ1 Detailing Passenger Cars Dr. Joe Nichols Sr, MMR   55 FREE
VV801 Advanced Techniques for Laser Kit Assembly Charlie Getz     FREE
VV802 Backdrop Painting Forested Scenery Paul Rising     FREE
VV803 Basic Model Railroad Photography Bill Schaumburg     FREE
VV804 Building an Advanced Car Kit Larry Wolohon, MMR     FREE
VV805 Contest Judging Marty Vaughn MMR     FREE
VV806 Creating Unique Lineside Structures Richard Newmiller     FREE
VV807 DCC and Advanced Operations Charles Gregory     FREE
VV808 DCC Decoders, Prototypical Lighting, Sound, and Operation Charles Gregory     FREE
VV809 Foreground Scenery Techniques for all Skill Levels Paul Scoles MMR     FREE
VV810 Handlaying Track on Foam Board Bill Nesbit     FREE
VV811 Hints, Tips, Clothespins, Toothpicks & Cheap Tools Jeff Moorman     FREE
VV812 Into to JMRI and Decoder Pro Dave Duchamp     FREE
VV813 It Figures Ken Liesse     FREE
VV814 Kadee Couplers: A Treatise Paul T Hobbs     FREE
VV815 Large Layouts, Small Rooms Don Mitchell     FREE
VV816 Model Railroad Photography Fred Lagno     FREE
VV817 Modeling with Design Preservation Models Fran & Miles Hale, MMR     FREE
VV818 Planning Your Model Railroad: Prototype vs. Freelance Larry DeYoung     FREE
VV819 Populating Your Layout Marty Vaughn, MMR     FREE
VV820 Quick Interiors Michael Tylick     FREE
VV821 Red Brick Factories & Brown Boxcars Greg Johnson     FREE
VV822 Resin Casting for Model Railroaders John Marshall     FREE
VV823 RTV Mold Making and Resin Casting Joel Bragdon     FREE
VV824 Scenic Detailing Sam Swanson     FREE
VV825 Setting the Scene John Lowrance, MMR     FREE
VV826 Steam Locomotives for Dummies Ted Culotta     FREE
VV827 Streets, Roads, and Highways Al Carter     FREE
VV828 The Bar Mills Approach to Diorama Building Art Fahie     FREE
VV829 The Joy of Spline Roadbed John Marshall     FREE
VV830 The Pratice of Density Modeling Art Fahie     FREE
VV831 Tips & Tricks for Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing Leslie Eaton, MMR     FREE
VV832 Tools, Tools, Tools Doug Geiger, MMR     FREE
VV833 Trestle Building Mike Barrett     FREE
VV834 Working with Foil John Johnson, MMR     FREE
VV835 Choosing, Using, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Airbrush Equipment Part 1 & Part 2 (two-disc set)       FREE
VV836 Be a Contest Winner Ron Gough, MMR     FREE
VV839 Tips & Techniques: Resin Kit Assembly Jack Burgess MMR     FREE
VV840 Using the NMRA Standards Gauge Paul Vaughn     FREE
VV841 Lumber Industries that Fit Model Railroad Empires Jim Zeek     FREE
VV842 Modeling Steam-Powered Saw Mills Jim Zeek     FREE
VV843 Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing for Pennies Using Everyday Household Materials Part 1 Leonard Amrhein     FREE
VV844 Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing for Pennies Using Everyday  Household Materials Part 2 Leonard Amrhein     FREE
VV845 Building Resin Freight Cars Larry Wolohon MMR     FREE
VV846 Helix Design Considerations & Building the Behemoth Helix Mark Brunton     FREE
VV847 Digital Layout Photography Made Easy Tim Garner     FREE
VV848 Design and Build a Helix Jim Heidt     FREE
VV849 Modeling Agricultural Railroad Lee Rainey     FREE
VV850 Turning Inexpensive Styrene Kits into Front Row Buildings Katharine Alley     FREE
VV851 Unique Features and Use of DCC Specialties Products Larry Maler     FREE
VV852 Let's Make A Scene! Lou Sassi     FREE
VV853 Consider Z Scale Bob Mitchell     FREE
VV854 GIPX: Realistic Windows and Interiors for Buildings John Richards     FREE
VV855 Introduction to Prototype Research Henry Freeman     FREE
VV856 CadRail Basics Dennis Vaccaro     FREE
VV857 Styrene Scratchbuilding: Prototype Freight Cars Richard Newmiller MMR     FREE
VV858 Digital Imaging in Model Railroading Bill Brown MMR     FREE
VV859 Seven Simple Structures Sam Swanson     FREE
VV860 Turnout Construction for Appearance and Reliability Bill Ataras     FREE
VV862 Modeling from the Prototype David Leider MMR     FREE
VV863 Multi-Deck Model Railroad Design & Construction Tony Koester     FREE
VV864 Is Model Railroading a Mental Disorder? Bill Ron Mohordin     FREE
VV865 CadRail Applications Dennis Vaccaro     FREE
VV866 75 Years of Development and Achievement in Model Railroading Paul Hobbs     FREE
VV867 Operations Overview Tony Koester     FREE
VV868 Railroading Merit Badge John Nawn     FREE

The Division has a library of how to DVD's Members are required to present phone number, membership number, and a $10.00 deposit which is refunded at the next meeting upon return of DVD.

  Air Brush Techniques-Baker       $10.00
  Airbrush Techniques Model RR's       $10.00
  Airbrush Painting Brass Engines       $10.00
  Building Craftsman Structure Kits 2x Vol. 1,Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4.       $10.00
  Building Realistic Trackwork Vol. 1       $10.00
  Dream Plan Build Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5, Vol 6.       $10.00
  Dick Elwell Hoosac Valley Lines       $10.00
  Fine Scale Animation       $10.00
  Making Model Trees       $10.00
  Painting Figures 2 X       $10.00
  Painting and Weathering Detail Castings       $10.00
  Painting Model Structures 2 X       $10.00
  Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery       $10.00
  Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery Vol 2.       $10.00
  Weathering Freight Cars       $10.00
  Weathering Freight Cars Vol 2.       $10.00
  Easy Weathering Techniques       $10.00
  Easy Weathering Techniques Rusty Metal,Rotten Wood, Peeling Paint       $10.00



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