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"Scenic Express Field Trip"
"On Saturday September 17, Division 4 is sponsoring a field trip that’s going to sojourn over to"
"western Pennsylvania and visit operations of Scenic Express. We will be leaving from the parking"
"lot of the IX Center at 7:30 am, making a coffee stop on the way. Once at Scenic Express we will"
"have the opportunity to see their production facility, visit the warehouse, do a little project, have"
"some lunch and do some shopping."
"In the early afternoon we will wander our way towards downtown Pittsburgh and visit the"
"P&LE passenger station -or Station Square as it is better known. There are a number of shops"
"and restaurants at this location of where we will have dinner this evening. There’s also an op-"
"portunity to do some trainspotting: CSX line runs between the station and the river and several"
"lines of the NS are up on the side of the Mount Washington. If the weather is nice and we have"
"time, you might like a ride on the funicular at Mount Washington on the Monongahela River. It"
"is the oldest continuously operating funicular in the United States."
"After all that fun we’ll wander our way back toward Cleveland and you’ll be dropped off at the"
"IX Center."
"Trip cost is only $20. So sign up at the September meeting or contact our Treasurer, Greg Noeth."


































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