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DIV 4 MEMBERS: If you plan to participate or volunteer at Training Day please contact Gary: trainingday@div4.org

EVERYONE: If you wish to keep up-to-date on Training Day news subscribe to the Training Day E_BLAST at trainingday@div4.org

Contact Gary: trainingday@div4.org

Greetings Division 4 members
Training Day 2017 is on Sunday November 5th. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is again at The Transportation Center at Black River
Landing, Lorain, Ohio. Below is a list of areas and topics for Training Day. The MIN.# is the minimum number of members
for each.
Registration Table Welcome, sign in. sign up 2-3
Make It Take It Help build kits 2
Electronics Model railroad electronics, soldering, wiring, etc. 1-2
Larry Madson
DCC Installation Demonstrate DCC installation 1 Lee Sheffield
Fast Track Switches Build / demonstrate Fast Track Switches 1
Car Tuning Demonstrate how to fine tune cars 1-2
Create Scenery Making scenery from nature or other 2 Brian Haas
Boy Scout Merit Badge Discuss/ begin Railroading Merit Badge etc, 1
Weathering Weather rolling stock, locomotives buildings etc. 1-2
Kit bashing / Scratch Building
Build Build Build 1-2
Creating Backdrops Using paint, photos, etc. 1
Membership Table Membership and Door Prizes 2-3 Bill Ferry
Make it real Realistic scenery: Ballasting, grass rocks etc. 1-2
Model RR 101 For beginners: What Scale DCC v Analog etc 1-2
Your Project What you need to work on Kit, Module etc 2
Remember, you don’t have to do a fancy presentation. Just do what you do! If you have and questions or would like to
sign up for an item on the list or you have something else on your mind, please contact me.
Thank you.
Gary Schaefer

Contact Gary: trainingday@div4.org












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