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Call For Modules
During the past year there has been much discussion on the subject of T-Trak within the Divisions of the Mid Central Region. The Board of Directors has decided to incorporate a T-Trak Layout into the regional convention starting with the 2019 Convention. While the “T-Trak” concept can be implemented in almost any scale, the current activities are directed towards N-Scale. A region-wide committee has been established to coordinate the activities of the divisions. Bruce DeMaeyer of Division 10 is the Regional Coordinator. Scott Benson will coordinate Division 4 activities.

The layout will be presented at The Bullet - 2019 in Boardman, Ohio on May 2-5, 2019.  In addition to members bringing their modules and incorporating them into the group layout, arrangements have been made to include the modules as a fourth category in the Convention Contest. Any NMRA member within the region is invited to participate. Your module can also be brought (by proxy) to the convention if you are unable to attend.

Call for Modules
T-Trak Pre-Registration Form

Please seriously consider participating in the addition to the Convention.  You will have a chance to get in on the ground floor of this effort and have some fun at the same time.

T-Trak Information
Standards and Recommended Practices

For a single module, the only materials necessary to comply with the standards consist of:
Structure - The structure 12 1/8” wide by 14” deep (varies) by 2 ¾” tall. This can be built from various materials or purchased as a kit. (example below)

$16.00 list price

Track and wiring: Track and wiring are Kato Unitrack products
Two pieces Kato 20-000 248mm straight track – list price $10 (for 4 pieces)
Two pieces Kato 20-041 62mm straight track with feeders – list price $5 (each)


Two pieces Kato 20-000 248mm straight track – list price $10 (for 4 pieces)
Two pieces Kato 20-040 62mm straight track – list price $7 (for 4 pieces)
Two pieces Kato 24-818 Terminal Unijoiners – list price $5 (1 pair)

After that, scenery is up to the module owner!

Contact Scott Benson sbenson440@zoominternet.net for further coordination.
Scott’s presentation from the October division meeting, including photos and info on the Kansas City world record T-Trak layout, is here: T-Trak Presentation


Here are some photos of Divisions 10 and 8 T-Trak modules sent by the regional T-Trak coordinator. 

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