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January / February 2019

What's up for the 2019 convention?
Lots!  That's what.  We have more than 190 clinics scheduled for the 2019 National NMRA Convention in Salt Lake City next summer. For you "techies" we have clinics on Raspberry Pi, LCC (Layout Command Control), new DCC control systems, and using CMRI and JMRI to drive a US&S Type 506 CTC Machine, among others.

For layout design we have a whole bunch of amazing clinics with people like Seth Neumann, Byron Henderson, Dave Trussell, Tony Koester, and Rich Mahaney, just to name a few. 

For layout and structure techniques we have Leslie Eaton, Chris Brimley, Mark Evans, and the list goes on. Many of our clinic presenters are NMRA Master Model Railroaders. 

More on what we have in store next time. Believe us, there will be something special for everyone.

Meanwhile, visit our website at http://www.nmra2019slc.org/ for lots more information!

Update on the NMRA Data Sheet program

Philip (chair) and Richard (co-chair) were appointed to the NMRA's committee on data sheets in August 2017. A review of the existing data sheets showed that on average the last update to any data sheet was in the early 1960s. We both feel that the data sheets are a valuable source of easy-to-access information for new and experienced modelers. However, the current sheets are not mobile phone/tablet friendly and do not reflect some of the current trends in the hobby, e.g. advanced train control, new construction techniques (3-D printing, laser cut components, etc.) and many others.

Our goal is not to rewrite the 162 existing data sheets. Rather, we are endeavoring to establish a new format that will be e-friendly, rewrite some of the sheets of interest to us and other members, and to add sheets on new topics. We have started to rewrite some data sheets and members have volunteered to write a few other sheets. We are looking for more volunteers.

We plan to publish a longer article in NMRA Magazine cataloging our efforts over the last 18 months, solicit input from members, and ask for volunteers. Please stay tuned for updates and feel free to contact us with new ideas.

36 Partners, 36 ways to save some hobby money

These 36 companies are giving NMRA members discounts for buying their products when using a special discount code.  You can find their websites and discount codes on our Partnership Page at  https://www.nmra.org/partnerships .  Remember you need to be logged into our site as a member to see the codes!  (See the pink box below.)

CatzPaw Innovations
Clever Models LLC
Deluxe Materials
East Coast Circuits
Great Decals
Green Frog Productions
Hot Wire Foam Factory
Jason's Brass Poles
K.I.S.S. Method
LARC Products
Logic Rail Technologies
MinuteMan Scale Models
Model Railroad Benchwork
Model Train Catalogue
Modelers Decals and Paint
Motrak Models
MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation)
OK Engines/Streamliners
Old West Scenery
Rusty Stumps
Scale Model Plans
Scalecoat Paint
Scenery Solutions/Fusion Fiber
Showcase Miniatures
Team Track Models
The N-Scale Architect
The Train Show, Inc.
Train Installations, LLC
Trainmasters TV/Model RR Hobbyist
Unreal Details (Magic Water)
USA Airbrush Supply/Badger Airbrush
WiFi Model Railroad, LLC
If you're a manufacturer or know of one who'd like to join our Partnership Program, please contact Jim Gore, At-Large North American Director, at alnadir@nmra.org.

The NMRA announces an award to honor the Union Pacific

Meetings and Trade Show Chairman

Because this coming year celebrates the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit, the NMRA will honor the Union Pacific with a new award that will be presented annually.

The award will be given to the scale model that is the best representation of a Union Pacific building, engine, car, diorama or other item.  A plaque will be awarded to the modeler for his or her winning model, and a plaque will be given to the Union Pacific.  With the modeler's permission, the model will be given to the Union Pacific Railroad for display in Omaha.
Additional details will be provided as soon as they are finalized.  This means that there are ongoing discussions taking place about this event and perhaps more surprises.  

So, get working on your model; it could be on display in the UP headquarters in Omaha this time next year!

Important NMRA eBulletin news you may have missed

Thanks to volunteer Tom Bensberg, all NMRA eBulletin issues are archived on the NMRA website and these links will send you directly to them and show what edition of the NMRA eBulletin they appeared in.

Remember: your email address has to be registered on the website (not just with Headquarters) to get to the Members Only section of our website!

Go to https://www.nmra.org/user/register to 
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Editor: Gerry Leone, MMR, HLM 
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A few words from the president, whose full name is "Pete Magoun."

The year begins with good news!
Season's Greetings and Happy New Year! It's hard to believe, but another year has come and gone, and with any luck, we're all a little bit wiser. I know we're older....

There's good news to report as we start the new year! We officially begin a new project! After a process that seemed interminably long to many of us, but was actually resolved pretty quickly once some internal governmental issues were settled in California, we signed a contract to begin the design and fabrication process for the "Magic of Scale Model Railroading" exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum. This is indeed a milestone, and it's good to be moving along at last.

The California State Railroad Museum is one of the most popular museums in the state, and is worthy of a place on your "bucket list" if you haven't visited. For that matter, I've visited more than once and am ready to go back!

The new year will bring a Board of Directors meeting in Atlanta, GA in mid-February, to which the Membership is invited (see the article below).  And then there is the National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, coming up next summer. Add in Region conventions and Division activities in both the spring and fall, and the modeling year becomes full pretty quickly. I hope you'll have a chance to partake of some of the festivities! Find info about the Salt Lake City convention here: http://www.nmra2019slc.org and in the column to the left.

In other news, VP Special Projects Gerry Leone has uploaded a number of clinics from the 2018 Kansas City convention to the NMRA website. Take a look at the article about below.  You'll have to log into the Members Only area to view them, but once you're in there's a large red button on the right side of the page labeled "Watch Clinic Videos" that will take you to a plethora of good information.

So translate all of this "good information" as "a great year of model railroading!"

High Green!
2019 Winter Board Meeting to be held in Atlanta

The Winter Board of Directors meeting will once again be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 16, and 17 at the Drury Inn & Suites. The Budget and Operations meeting will begin at 3:00 PM on Friday, February 15, and the Board will be in caucus that evening. Both of those meetings are only open to invited guests.
The regular, open session of the BOD meeting begins at 9:00 AM on Saturday, February 16. Because the agenda is not yet finalized, there's no way to tell if the meeting will continue on Sunday morning. All members are invited to attend the open sessions. 

If you have any questions or comments about items that should be included on the agenda, please contact your District Director.  Contact information can be found in NMRA Magazine or at https://www.nmra.org/about/national-organization .

2019 Board of Directors Elections

By Rick Coble, NMRA Secretary

In February we will be holding our 2019 Board of Directors elections. The following positions are up for election:
  • All members worldwide will vote for At Large World Wide Director.
  • Some members will also vote for the Director of their district.  
Ballot packages are being designed specifically for your district. Your ballot package will include candidate statements.
As in 2018, we will be conducting a hybrid election, in that members will not receive their ballots in the magazine. Using the magazine to distribute the ballot is one of the highest organizational costs. Last year's elections were successfully performed using a combination of electronic voting and ballots distributed through the mail. Eligible U.S. members with an email address on file at Headquarters will be invited to vote electronically through Election Buddy, a secure online voting system. Eligible non-U.S. members with an email address on file will receive their ballot through email. All eligible members who do not have an email address on file will receive their ballot via postal mail.
You should start seeing either an email about the election or a ballot in the mail sometime after January 25, 2019. Voting closes March 1.  Please take the time to vote, and thank you for being a member of the NMRA.

A whopping 28 Kansas City Convention clinics
have been added to the NMRA Video Library!

By Gerry Leone, MMR, HLM
NMRA Vice President / Special Projects

Couldn't make it to Kansas City last August for the convention?  Not to worry!  We recorded videos of 28 great clinics and they're all waiting for you right now in the online NMRA Video Library.

You'll find all kinds of topics, from "The Role and Responsibility of a Union Pacific Yardmaster" to "How to paint HO- and O-scale figures" to "Using a home 3-D printer" to "Setting up operations on your model railroad."  There are scenery clinics, operations clinics, prototype clinics, electronics clinics, and much more.

They're all in our Video Library right now, along with over 150 hours of other National Clinics and professional videos.  What a great member benefit!

The Kansas City clinics were recorded by Bob Shreve, Dave Williams, and me.  (I also edited them.)  It's the same team who brought you 30 Orlando Convention clinic videos last year.  So a big round of thanks to those two guys for dragging their video gear around to the clinics and spending part of their convention time again working for all of us.

To get to the clinics (which are listed in chronological order on the website, with the Kansas City clinics first), click here, or log in to www.nmra.org as a member, click on "Membership / Member Home" in the dark blue bar, then click on the red "WATCH Clinic Videos" box on the right.  

See the pink sidebar in the left column of this newsletter for more website details.

Then fill your bowl with popcorn and get ready to fill your head with all kinds of knowledge!

NMRA Benefits Brochure - and more - is
available to download from our website

We've just uploaded a handy brochure that you can use at train shows, swap meets...wherever...to tell the public about all the benefits of NMRA membership.  

The NMRA Benefits Tri-Fold Brochure is available as a downloadable PDF at this page.  Or log into the website as a member, click on "Membership / Member Home" then click on "Promo Materials" in the red bar.

Once you've downloaded it, just print it out on both sides of a page and fold it.  Or if you want to make a bunch, bring it to an instant print place and have them print it on both sides of the paper in either color or black and white.

There's even a handy form on the back that lets people sign up for a 9-month RailPass membership.

There's a lot more on the "Promo Materials" page, too.  Like a downloadable PowerPoint presentation about member benefits, flyer about our Partnership Program, tips for retention and recruitment, a 4-minute video that talks about the benefits of membership, NMRA logos in a bunch of different formats, and even a National Model Railroad Month materials.
You'll find all sorts of other recruitment materials, plus logos there, too.

Put this brochure -- and all of our materials -- to work for your Division or Region!

Over two more hours of professional videos in our Library, thanks to TrainMasters TV!

Last month Model Railroader Video Plus (MRVP) and Model Railroad Academy (MRA), both donated a combined 4 1/2 hours of professionally produced videos to our library.

This month TrainMasters TV, an affiliate of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine, contributed over two more hours.

This brings the total number of professionally produced video donations to our Library to over 17 hours.
If you haven't watched any of the professional videos yet, head to https://www.nmra.org/members/videos .  (See the pink sidebar in this NMRA eBulletin for login info.)  Once you're logged in, click on "Membership / Member Home" on the drop-down menu, then "Benefits" in the red bar and "Member Video Library" on the drop-down menu.  The videos are listed with the newest ones first.

A huge thanks again to TrainMasters TV, Model Railroader Video Plus, and Model Railroad Academy.

Why was my NMRA Calendar so late?

NMRA Calendar Editor and Coordinator

Several members have contacted me asking why the 2019 Calendar was delivered so late in the year.
Here's what happened:  We got the final proof to the printing company at about the same time as last year. After that there were a series of delays, in things such as paper quality, incorrect mailing envelopes, and problems with the labels. We have been with this particular printing company for a number of years, so each of these problems came as a surprise, as did the subsequent delays.
By now you should have received yours (if you're a North American member), since they were put in the mail at the end of November. Jenny Hendricks, our Chief Administrative Officer, will be meeting with the printer's sales rep soon and expects to find out what changed to bring about this cascade of problems, and what the printer intends to do to avoid them in the future, should we choose to continue with them.

Thanks for your patience. I know you'll find the 2019 calendar was worth the wait!

Region and National Conventions 
(Only those Regional conventions occurring in the next three months are listed)

July 7 - 13, 2019:   2019 National NMRA Convention, Salt Lake City, UT

No Regional conventions in the next 3 months

Newest Master Model Railroaders

624: Eric Belshaw (BR)
625: Norman Garner (MER)

In an upcoming issue of NMRA Magazine

  • Talking a Different Language: LCC
  • Love Those Loads!
  • 2019 Board Election Candidate Statements
  • Tools for Mixing Paint

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