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Hi Ben and all,

I'm sad of whats been happening and hope that everyone is well and stays that way. Missing out on the meetings and event are going to be a bummer but hope things be better soon and we can do more than before.
Since we didn't have our last meeting and I have made (before the meeting got cancel) a unusual flat car for the contest.  Since we can't do it now I thought I would show it for fun.
 It's an old Santa Fe (Tyco) flatcar, on it is a Matchbox forklift, 3 homemade odd houses made out of cardboard and the stacks are pieces of plastic phone hoses that protects the phone wires. The straps are from packing wrapping straps, strip down to fit and the end connectors are the plastic phone hoses. So I wrap the straps through the holes on the flatcar and hold it with the phone hoses, so if I wanted to, I can remove them easily (no clue was used).   Would of like to show it on the website but I Hope ya like it.

see ya soon. stay well,

John F. Hughes
Div. 4 member.

"Keep does trains a moving”


Olmsted Fall, Ohio, 3-8-19, 3:30PM. Lewis Road crossing, near Bagley Road.
Found this Savannah & Atlanta heritage unit parked next to a BNSF train. Neat picture. Photo by Joe Kurilec

This was just sent to the NKP BOD Yahoo group. Nice to see! Joe Kurilec


Facebook by Gary Schaefer


A view from the cab from Joe Flipiak

In the Jan. 2018 issue of RMC, page 26, our own Bruce Bowie won The RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award! His Portage River Bridge is BEAUTIFUL! from Joe Kurilec

Congrats Bruce!

And a Congrats to Joe Kurilec for the photo in the NMRA Calendar!

Aaron Wheelers: A Trip To the Ontario Southern - Canadian National

Congratulations to John Hemseth on achieving his MMR

Union Pacific Coins article
Schenkman, David. “Light Rail.” The Numismatist Sept. 2017: A71-72
Submitted by Ben Lanza





































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