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Contests for 2022 - 2023

     Another fun season of sharing our model railroad treasures and talents with others is upon us.  As in the past, the contest will have two categories; a model that conforms to the contest for the month and the other category is the “mini module” or most often referred to as a diorama.  A division member may enter one or the other category, but not both.

     The voting will be a little different.  The ballot will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to mark your choice for each of the categories.  If an entry receives the most votes in 1st place and also receives the most votes for 2nd place, the higher place will be awarded to the entry but the 1st place winner will not be eligible to receive the 2nd place award.

     Points will be awarded as follows; 4 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, 2 points for 3rd place and 1 point for participation.  I know rules can be a pain, but without them, we would have a corn field meet which would be chaos and yelling.  We will leave that nonsense for the politicians.

I will list the different contest subject matters in a minute, but first I want you to know that some months will see a contest that is quite open for interpretation for the solution to the challenge. Other months will be more specific and not all contests will involve steel wheels on rails. Somethings will change and others will remain the same; for example, the ballots will give you the opportunity to vote 1st, 2nd, and 3rd but we will continue to have two categories; models and dioramas.




    The contest tables will take a pause in December so we can gather for our Christmas banquet.  The November contest of a line side private residence saw some interesting entries. First place in model offerings was given to Tom McInerny with his scratch-built house.  Second place went to Jim Grell and his lite bungalow.  Third place was taken by Dave Lawler with his CNR section house which was rented to employees and their families.  The diorama entries had Joe Filipiak taking first place with his well-worn and quite in need of repair house with surrounding yard junk.  Second place went to a newcomer to the contest table, Peter Lundstrom and third place was taken by John Hughes.  Thanks to all who entered models and dioramas and thanks to all who voted for their favorites.  

     As mentioned earlier, there is no contest in December.  January's contest is a self-propelled rail vehicle that has the capability to carry passengers. The range of possibilities runs from RDC passenger cars to the Galloping Goose to a Fairmont work cart with bench seats. A contemporary hi-railer pick-up truck will even qualify.  No locomotives please.

     Well, I hope to see you at the December banquet. There will be an award given out for precision modelling in memory of Richard Mayich to a well deserving model railroader from Division Four.

     Well, that's all from the contest box for now.  There is no contest in December so don't forget to see Greg Noeth for your dinner tickets.

"No Contest in December"

"January is a self-propelled passenger car (vehicle) on rail."

"February - no contest, it has been moved to next contest season"

"March is a yard crew office."

"April is an open hopper car purposed for something other than coal."

"May is a military train. Something that would be found on a military train consist."








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