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Winners from the January meeting were;

MODEL: 1st place - Joe Kurilec, MMR

2nd place - Jim Grell

3rd place - John Hemsath, MMR

DIORAMA: 1st place - John Puch

2nd place - Joe Filipiak

3rd place Dave Lawler



     Another fun season of sharing our model railroad treasures and talents with others is upon us.  As in the past, the contest will have two categories; a model that conforms to the contest for the month and the other category is the “mini module” or most often referred to as a diorama.  A division member may enter one or the other category, but not both.

     The voting will be a little different.  The ballot will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to mark your choice for each of the categories.  If an entry receives the most votes in 1st place and also receives the most votes for 2nd place, the higher place will be awarded to the entry but the 1st place winner will not be eligible to receive the 2nd place award.

Points are given for the top three winners in both model and diorama contest entries and to everyone
who has entered in the contests. At the end of the session, winners are determined by adding all the
points up for each person.

All winners receive a plaque and a gift certificate to Walthers. First place
winners receive a one hundred fifty-dollar certificate, second place winners receive a hundred-dollar
certificate, and third place certificates are seventy-five -dollars.

The recipient this year for first place models is Jim Grell, second place model is Joe Kurilec and third place model goes to Don Glass. The diorama session first place winner is Dave Lawler, second place is Art Bumpus, and third place is awarded to John Hughes. Congratulations to all and thank you for helping make the contest session a fun success.

The March contest is to take one of your unfinished projects and finish it.

April is the last car on a passenger train.

Finally, the May contest is to take a grab bag from the contest chairman and use all the parts in the bag to build a building of your own design. The hope is that something in the contest challenges will motivate you to become one of the many participants in next sessions contests. I am looking forward to putting your name on the list of winners.








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