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Winners from the May meeting were;


1. Tim Bonnes

2. Dave Marvinney

3. Frank Bongevani




SEPT - Car load of railroad industry scrap

OCT - Abandoned trackside building

NOV - Snow removal equipment

JAN - Repurposed passenger car

MAR - Steam engine used to pull named passenger train

APR - Open sided or roof off view of interior of building

MAY - Project built from toilet paper cardboard tube


     The model contests for the 2023-2024 season have come to a close with the May contest. The May contest was probably the most interesting as well as the most challenging.  The "bag of parts" contest had eighteen bags handed out but because of time and challenge, just four entries made it to the contest table.  Thanks to everyone who tried and a special thank you to the modelers who brought their projects in.  All the entries were in the model category.  First place went to Tim Bonness.  The tally of the votes cast found Dave Marvinney's project in second place with third place being awarded to Frank Bongevani.  This past contest season saw twenty-three of our members enter at least one of the contests.  Many of these members entered more than once.  When you enter an item in the contest, you receive one point. If your entry places third in the voting, you receive two points. Second place, three points and first place is awarded four points.  Models and dioramas are counted separately.  All the points are counted up at the end of the contest season with awards and prizes given to the winners at the June meeting.  You can count on it.
     The 2024 -2025 contest season's subject matter has been set.  The September contest is a carload of railroad industry scrap.  The October contest is an abandoned trackside building.  November's contest is snow removal equipment.  January will be a repurposed passenger car.  There is no February contest due to auction night.  The March contest is a steam engine used to pull a "named" passenger train.  The contest in April is an open sided or roof off view of the interior of a building.  The last contest of the season will be the May contest which is to build a project from a toilet paper cardboard tube.
     I have enjoyed organizing the contests at the meetings and I am looking forward to doing the same for next season.  I hope you have found the contests fun and a little challenging this past season.  By participating in the contests, your creative thinking will come into play, it may inspire you to do some research, and your modeling ability may well be homed to a new level.  So, my friends, don't just sit there like a switch stand, get on track and get rolling!



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